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Fuelled by passion. Focused on creators. Centred for fans.

Have you ever loved something so much that you put everything on the line to help it succeed?

ComX Studio was born from the love of one Shane Syddall for Australian indie comics. For years, we have pushed the envelope of how much we can help Australian comics creators. Our love for the art and the industry comes with our passion to spread the word.

ComX Studio is all about people. Founded in 2018 as ComicScape and renamed to (Comics Network Australia or ComX for short) in 2020. ComX is, and always will be, all about Australian creators and their fans. Our studio focuses on a grassroots, all-indie approach to comic books.

In 2021 Shane Syddall of ComX and Isaac George of Whatzacdrew Comics joined in their passion for Australian Indie Comic books and Graphic Novels and their desire to support all Comic Book Creators in the Australian Community and in this union ComX Studio was formed.

Isaac George is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who has been working in the Australian comics scene for a few years now under the name WHATZACDREW Comics.

Our main focus is to show off what Australian creators can do.

ComX Studio is here to help our creators grow even further. We have veteran creators making the way, and we are on an endless search for an ever-growing roster of comic book creators.

As a Publisher, we love comics in general. Much like any fan, we all started with the mainstream titles. As the years went by, we discovered the Australian indie comics scene, and never looked back. 

The golden and silver age of Australian comics have long passed, but its spirit never died. It lives on with the new creators from all over the country who are looking to tell their stories. Australians from every region are welcome to join us.

Shane Syddall

About Me - Shane Syddall​

Ever since 1980 when I picked up my first Asterix Comic it’s been a love affair like none other.   I can’t describe in words the joy comics give me.  Even looking at the boxes they are stored in makes me smile with happiness.    It’s a sickness I know.   From a young age, I started trying to draw my own comic characters and at first, they were all “Australian” based heroes and villains with the odd Kiwi characters thrown in for good measure.  You see I’m very proud to be Australian as well and after years on a staple diet of the American “Big 2” comic companies, I decided to find out what my own backyard produced.

We are here to help more people discover the Australian Comic Community and fall in love with it as I did.

About Me - Isaac George​

I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who loves comics. That love came at a early age and I have never looked back. I both write and illustrate my books and made sure to feature an Australian creator on a variant cover to help spread and show the talent of the Australian indie scene. 

When the opportunity came to help found ComX studio I was excited to join. Especially with the first project being a anthology style series showing up to four Aussie artists a month, either established or up in coming. 

Early on I wish I had a place to solve my “teething problems” and be part of a community where you could bounce ideas and ask to advice, hopefully that is what ComX Studios can be for creators.

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