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Dave Dye

Dave Dye creates his own comics and has collaborated with many writers to bring their stories to life. His characteristic style is quite individual and recalls the methods of older cartoonists. He is one of the few cartoonists who prefers to letter his comics by hand..

He has been creating comics, graphic novels, and graphic histories since 2011 after retiring from the Army. These creations are published under the Wotsleft Books independent library of titles, featuring the Amazing Tales series and The Anzac Legend series.

Dave began reading comics at a young age and greatly enjoyed the adventures of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck. There were many other titles he read through the years and in his teens bought a variety of British comics like Beano and Dandy, Cor!, Valiant, etc. These were intermingled with War picture Library and the odd SGT Rock, Turok Son Of Stone and Our Army At War. He was never really interested in the super hero genre, so ignored them and graduated to Mad Magazine in the early 70’s; He greatly admired the work of Jack Davis and Mort Drucker; as well as Frank Jacobs being a favourite writer.

In the late 70’s Dave left school to work as a farm labourer; and forgot about comics until the 80’s. He then discovered Heavy Metal which reinvigorated an interest in graphic stories for a few years. Over the years he read less comics and concentrated on developing his skills as an oil painter focusing on portraiture, figures and landscapes (the skills he acquired in this pursuit have greatly assisted his work in comics). Since retiring from the army he’s rediscovered comics and has been really enjoying the process of writing and drawing his own.

Regarding ComX Presents Dave says “it has given me the opportunity to meet and mix with many creators that I may never have met. The chats and interaction we have together have been very rewarding and I feel has helped strengthen the comics community within Australia. My stories tend to be a mix of action and adventure intermingled with a dash of humour always with an Australian flavour. This is reflected in my ComX Presents Noir short story “Impulse!””