Isaac George

A freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Holds a advanced dip in fine arts and a diploma in graphic design. Works under the name Whatzacdrew and publishes books under the banner whatzacdrew comics. Primary work is the book ‘Bronwyn’.

I have always drawn, for as long as I can remember. But what made me want to draw comics was the 90s Batman: The Animated Series. From there over the years several other things caught my eye, Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Wars….more Batman comics and characters like Catwoman and the amazing Amazon herself Wonder Woman. These shows and comics opened my eyes to what I could do. When I started to buy my own comics in early 2000s I fell in love with and still love the work of Nicola Scott, Adam Hughes and Mike Mignola. There are many other artists work I love that I could rattle on and on about. My main series Bronwyn, was born from looking into my Irish ancestry and love for a good and solid female lead in a story. In 2006 Bronwyn debuted in my school magazine and I I’ve been working on her since. Presents was a interesting thing, as I was there from the foundation of it. I wanted I initially to be more on the editorial side of things to continue to grow my knowledge of that side of the industry but the problem was I also had another character I wanted to get out into the world, haha so please welcome the giraffe humanoid occult detective, Vivian Jones. Another aspect that I liked about Comx was the schedule, and of course it’s creator owned, meaning all creators retain ownership of their work.