Meet the ComX Studio Family.  Without the amazing talents and contributions by these talented souls ComX Studio would be but a day dream in the minds of Shane and Isaac!

... dash of humour always with an Australian flavour
Freelance artist and comic creator working primarily on his gritty, noir-esque series 'Bin Kitty'.
The mastermind behind PRESENTS' story Vivian Jones: Occult Detective
First introduced to comics as a young boy by his father
I imagine weird nonsense, and sometimes cram those imaginings into sequential art with words like BOOM and POW, and thus my comics are born.
Y'all like books about toilets? No? Turtles? Biscuits?
An underground comic book artist who brings a punk ethic to his work
Hopes to one day create a story for ComX Studio PRESENTS.
Writer, artist, manipulator of light and shadow ...